Sunday, April 7, 2013

Why do Kannadigas lack in entrepreneurship?

We all might have faced this q in our life time.

Why is that SP road in Bengaluru is filled with Bohara muslims, marwadi's and mostly non-Kannadiga's?
Why do most of the street side vendors selling various goods are from Tamil nadu in majority of cases? 
What do Kannadiga's do for a living apart from working as tailor, real estate agent, grocer shop owner or so on! 
Why is it so hard to find a distributor or super stockist who is a Kannadiga? 

The answer to most of these questions could be 'lack of entrepreneurship spirit' in most of Kannadiga's. 

Before you jump on to me, telling " yen ri, iddarali yenu hosadu idhe.." or " nivu helo haage navu yenu kelasa bittu haanu hoovu tarakari marabeka?"

(I am not asking all Kannadiga's to become road side vendors or set up hardware shops, but we cant ignore the fact that these people have built enterprises which do huge turnover in our supply chain and economy )
As per my observation, mostly I find 3 types of people in Kannadiga groups. I am excluding the cribber types on purpose since they add no value to our conversation. 

Do-er : This type of personality can do a task given to them in most obedient way. This kind of personality usually lands up as most trusted accountant in a marwadi shop, a manager in tamilian owned small scale industry and so on.. These people know the trade well and sometimes much better than their masters. But, they are scared to take a plunge on their own or nor ready to step out of their comfort zone. 
Most of times, the do-er is also from a lower middle/middle/upper middle class family who is happy to serve his/her master who pays him a monthly salary, take care of his needs, pays up his insurance and so on.. (yeah, most of the IT- maandi would fall into this category )

Thinker : This is one more unique kind of personality. These set of people always think that there is a super idea in their mind and they want to share this with everyone. Its somewhat similar to our budding poets reading our their latest haani kavana or storyline. 
They think that they have the next biggest thing in their mind. But.. But.. when you ask them to execute it, they take 100 steps back. 
Their innovation sphere lies in ideation and sharing the same in their circle. Once they are done with their idea, again they fall into category of Do-er and doesn't want to take the plunge to realize their idea.  

So, most of the times ; you would heard them saying 
Thinker : " Illi obba yaru adru, ondu hotel madidre chenagi irate ri.. yen vyapara agatte gotta..
Do-Er : " Howdu Saar, yaru adru obbaru madabeku Saar"  --> See how Do-er tilts towards opening a hotel
Executor : "Howdu yen Ri, bannri ondu hotel madona " 
I have to stop this conversation now so that I can introduce you to my next type of personality. The Executor 

Executor : These are set of people who like to convert idea's into reality. Who are interested to make things happen rather than just day-dreaming . 
Now, the next part of conversation from where we left last.

Thinker : " ee yake ri namage ee hotel tale novu yella. Heard that there is big labor problem in Bengaluru"
Do-Er : "Howdu Saar, nanu kelide iddara bagge. nivu helidu sari" --> Again, based on reaction of Thinker , the Do-Er takes a back step
Executor : "labor problem, govt. problem yella irate ri.. bannri ondu hotel madona , nivu helida haage work out aga bahudu"

Do-Er : "saar, namage yake ee chinte yella.. aaram agi kelasa idhe, madikondu hogona" --> If he follows the thinker


Do-ER : " Banni Saar , try madona. nivu yenu mada beku heli " 

At this, if the executor takes a back step based on reactions of thinker ; then the whole "idea to execution " process collapses until some non-Kannadiga entrepreneur listens to this idea and starts working on it.. 

Most of times, the executor can't take the whole idea onto his own shoulders, he/she needs the support of the thinker and Do-er in proportional terms to realise the idea.  At this time, the linguistic unity is the need of the hour rather than caste based one which is presently prevalent in the Kannadiga's. 

We should not stop ourselves just because I, as a executor is a Kuruba and the Do-Er is a Gowda or so on. It rarely matters since we are coming together / we should come together as Kannadiga's rather based on our caste, region, religion and so on. 

The whole jist of my note is that , if you are a thinker ; restrict yourself to ideation and dont beat down your own business idea. If you are more of executor type, listen to various idea and go with your gut feeling. 
If you are a Do-ER category (which most of them are ;-) ) find a team of executors and join them as a support team. Dont shy away from taking a plunge since the river looks too deep or current are wild. Once we jump into water, we would learn to sail. Just make sure that you have a rope tied to your waist (a backup plan, some assets/bank balance to keep you in good shape for 2 years n so on ) before taking that plunge :-P

Remember that we learnt to talk and walk after spending 1-2 years of life looking around and learning from others. In same way, dont expect your business to start giving you fruits in first 15 days of starting it. Learn to nurture it and let it grow to stand on its own , spread its roots out and finally start bearing the fruits of your hard work, patience and perseverance. 

Last but not the least, try to get out of your comfort zone and start looking around. The world is not just about investing in shares, buying a 30X40 site, living in a match box sized apartment or sitting in USA , counting dollars to rupee conversions daily! there is much more than to it.. 


Karthik said...

banri china inda maal import maadi, bengaluralli marona..

Harsha Gatt said...

yeah sure.. :) iga iro marawadi's punjabi's ge competition kodona.. :-P

VshyfromVshland said...

Saryagi helidri.....innu ond divide ide nam nammale....NK/SK anta...adu hogbeku and families/society swalpa protsahisbeku yaakandre nammale kaal yalioru jaasti:)

Rudresh Badder said...

sari ri yenadru madona banri :)
nanagu saakagide IT work maadi
Rudresh 9164765357

Pushpa Latha said...

good one harsha

AnilKumar Tambakad said...

Good Sir, Nam bengaluru,namminda, namma janarinda nammadaksi kolona.

GB Raj said...

One interesting to add is, though most of us are in IT we don't see much Kannada sites.. and also dont see much hits on Kannada links...

Harsha Gatt said...

@VshyfromVshland ,
Howdu, region wise, caste wise differences tumbha ive! adhu yella bittu kelasa madodu kalibeku..
@Rudresh Badder,
Call madthini nimage.. :)
@Pushpa Latha ,
dhanyavadagalu :)
@ GB Raj ,
namma Kannada websites unicode fonts use madtha ira illa. adakke hits kammi irate.
hange, navu kuda Kannada website jashti develop madilla!