Sunday, February 25, 2007


This post I am writing in the mid night, trying to wake my dying grey cells to work for that little extra time so that I can complete this post.
Huh!!!!!! If you read the above sentence, you will find that I will try to give too much info in one single sentence.. at the end of sentence , you would have forgetten why the sentence was finally started.. yeah, thats me... all trying to say something or give something more than what is needed.
so... why this blog??? is it just a another blog. is just another post which talks about my , me , myself, blah blah..
I dont knw.. but even then i am just writing these lines..
suddenly, I feel that I am not doing anything great in life.. I have a job in hand, earn decent money, life just looks like settling down.. the dreams chased in college of working in big companies, big brands, big campus, cutting edge technology, etc etc are all looking have turned into reality!!!!
sometimes I feel "Was I dreaming about these things only?"... these thoughts come to my mind bcoz the things which I was dreaming about just 1 or 2 years hve become reality today.. I feel that I was chasing these dreams just 1 or 2 years.. today it is reality!!!
Is it really WHAT I wanted to be?
or may be The only way to discover the limits of the possible is to go beyond them into the impossible.

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