Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Vote for a change this time

I spent the afternoon in the Nehru Park before going to IGNOU campus where a workshop on "Rajiv Gandhi Rojgar Yojna" was being conducted. After the workshop, I took an auto from the Sanjay Gandhi flyover to catch my flight from Indira Gandhi International Airport. The flight landed in Rajiv Gandhi International airport where Jawaharlal Nehru University Vice-Chancellor was waiting to receive me.

Read the above paragraph again. You cannot help but notice that the Nehru family albeit with a Gandhi surname makes up for most of the names for hospitals, airports, convention centers etc., Look around you, and you will find that, most of the government educational institutions, hospitals, roads, libraries etc bear the name of the Nehru family.

India is free from the clutches of British colonial rule. True, but a sneak peek into the Indian history post Independence shows that we are still under the oldest Indian national political party (Congress) dynasty rule. We have witnessed in the past and are also currently seeing a trend where members of Gandhy/Gandhi family are alone who can are portrayed as the only eligible cadre to become the Prime Minister of Indian PM. Dynasty rule is worse than democracy because it does not allow competent leaders to emerge. Why is this family getting all the benefits, perks and the support from the national party which makes tall claims of being secular party?

The Congress party appears to have one aim: to “Be in Power”. To achieve this aim of being in power, it adopts each and every trick in the rule book. Though it calls itself to be a secular party, it has divided the country along the lines of caste, creed and religious lines. It fragments civil society and destroys Hindu school of thought in name of preaching secular values.
The policies made and modulated by it, are calculated to keep the population poor, uneducated and dependent on the government. The license-quota-permit-control-subsidy raj is the monstrous brain-child of the Congress party. The party will go to any length and do whatever it can to restrict freedom — Individual, Political and Economic.

Despite the attempts by of the Bharathiya Janatha Party (BJP) to unite Hindu's under one banner; Congress has made policies to ensure that Hindus are divided for ever. Congress party has made reservations for Hindus based on caste, sect and region, while the rest of the population comprising of Muslims and Christians are divided under the name of minority. It has successfully spilt the Hindus on basis of caste, sectarian and regional differences. It has gone even gone a step ahead and introduced inter-caste conflict within the Hindu fold. The recent measure to extend reservations in Higher education was one such move by Congress. This is primarily targeted at dividing Hindu’s on the basis of castes and creating in a non existent and hitherto unheard of competition for higher education and the jobs created out of it.

For decades since 1947; Congress had a near absolute control of the country. Today, issues affecting common man like terrorism, nuclear deal, systematic attempts to fill all constitutional posts of power, Bangladeshi infiltration, the inability to take on Pakistan, etc have taken a back seat since Congress has shifted its priorities. Considering all these things, I am supporting the BJP in next election. This is the best present available alternative in my opinion to the Congress party. I think that issues put into back seat by Congress would receive a new boost from this alternative. I want to vote for BJP because, I want to see Golden Quadrilateral completed, want to have another mobile revolution, want every state to be developed on lines of Gujarat , want someone who can wield the stick to Pakistan and deal with an iron hand on security issues.

To see the India shining in reality, I have to take some steps and act. The first step is to remove the biggest hurdle to India's growth and development; end the dynastic rule of the Congress party. To ensure that dynasty rule ends, I have to act and exercise my vote in favor of BJP. Also, I will make sure that my family and friends understand why they should support the BJP.
Therefore, I take an oath
"I as a citizen of India, pledge to vote for an alternative that will end the dynasty rule in India and also would request everyone to vote for an alternative".

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