Wednesday, February 23, 2011

it is not frustation, its ...

2G Spectrum Scam
Loss to Govt. : Rs.1.76-lakh crore

Commonwealth Games Scam
Amount spent : Rs. 70000 crore
Amount misused : God only knows!!

Madhu Koda Scam
Money laundering to the tune of over Rs 4,000 crore

Telgi Scam
Amount lost : Rs. 20000 crore plus (if its adjusted to todays inflation, it would be even more)

Bofors Scam
Deal : Rs. 400 million in year 1992
Kickbacks : no official news yet..

The Fodder Scam
Estimated loss : rs. 1,000 crore in year 1996

The Hawala Scandal
Estimated loss : Rs. 810 in year 1996

Harshad Mehta Stock Market Scam
Scam amount Rs.4,000
Loss due to crash in stock market : Rs 100,000 crore in year 1992

There are so many scams which has rocked the daily life of the common man that we can dedicate a museum to it. I can no longer use the word corrupt since it has become part of the life here. I can say that "Our political leaders have gone mad. "
They are linking misuse of power/fund to subsidy.
They are using our country resources as personal property and looting the nation.
They are running parallel administration system (mafia) and claim to be ignorant of same.
They are claiming to be helpless in the game of coalition politics and still claim to be men of clean character.
They lack the guts to hoist a national flag on the Indian soil and think that it would affect the sentiments of few anti-social elements.

Our political leaders are not understanding that we are tired of listening to their excuses .
Are they creating a succession of scandals keeping us thrilled and happy??

When can I see "I" being honest, a policemen being helpful, bureaucrats being the system of change, businessmen being a catalyst for economy, ministers getting selected based on merit, journalists who can act like revolutionaries and last but not the least , a society of clean and clear people around.

Egypt has shown the way that any force(political,administrative etc) cannot be bigger than people! Take a look at this video.

For 1000 of years, India is known for getting suppressed!! for last 60 years, it happening from our own men in the name of political system.. isn't it time to remove puppets, idiots, rogues, rascals from the corridors of power???? As one of the female voice in the video says
"Its not frustration anymore, its more!!!"


rashmi said...

tumbaa informative... de video is good.. :)

Suhas said...

Its just crossed the line here, that even a revolution is not hopeful!!!