Tuesday, May 3, 2011

I 94 correction saga

When one is having a jet lag and long hours of travel, it needs to leave the brain slow and sluggish. So, if you find out after few days,weeks,years etc that there is incorrect information entered from your end or from the federal officer on your I-94 ; then don't wait till you leave the country.

Its always good to get the wrong information corrected on the I-94 form since it affects the future visits and entry to USA. The departure record is one important document which provides information on the type of visa used to enter the USA, the period of stay allowed and most importantly the name, date of birth etc.

While leaving the country, one has to make sure that they submit the I-94 to the federal officer or to the airlines so that they can file for the departure record and duration of stay gets updated in the consular records.

If I make a mistake in entering the wrong details in the departure form :

File form I-102 , one has to pay a fee to get this corrected.

If the mistake is from the federal officer, one can get it corrected free of cost.

Best resources on internet are : http://www.immihelp.com/visas/correct-i94-errors.html


The above 2 links give info on what needs to be done in case one finds out that I-94 form is incorrect.

The below 2 links give more info about CBP (Customs and Border Protection force).



I found these info after hours of searching for info in various web sites. So, I have put across the info which I found and there can be something specific to your case. So, use the information according to your discretion.

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