Friday, May 18, 2012

dubbing! ban

KFI says we dont need dubbing culture, but a growing set of audience differ in opinion..
They say that there are lot of Kannadigas who are watching telugu, tamil, hindi flicks and if we release those movies in kannada, kannadigas will come back to their root.
Also, I am sure that no of theatres releasing movies in para basha will come down since kannadigas will start watching movies in kannada.
Problem faced by kannadiga and not by a person who has accepted all languages :
1. I want to watch DISCOVERY channel in Kannada. Why am I NOT allowed?
2. I want my kids and younger cousins like to watch cartoon shows in Kannada and I feel that they can understand better, why are they denied of entrainment in Kannada right from childhood?
3. Today, If one can release English movie dubbed into telugu , tamil in Karnataka, why not a Kannada version?
So, the fundamental problem lies with the ‘madivantike’ of the KFI and its fear to face the competition.
KFI is MOSTLY filled with morons.. thats a hard truth and its hard to deny it..
offlate, there are more half baked directors, actors, writers etc. who think that they are better than the rest and therefore their views are the best and there should be no opposition to it..
When we encounter such folks, we can pity these ‘frogs in the well’ since they are under the impression that they know the best and rest are just a piece of trash..
Lets consider a run of mill movie :
hero-in – para bashe
villan – igu adhe para bashe inda
ivarige dubbing madisdre aga paravagilla ante.. :-D
singer – para bashe
music director – most of times, para bashe
technician, outdoor units – chennai , hyd etc..
hero – kannadiga but always looking at telugu tamil hindi english cinema and trying to copy it..
ista ada mele, illi yaru kannadiga? ivaru mado remakes kannada culture na reflect madata?
ivaru torso long maachu culture namma srujanasheelate na kapadutha?
Also, we shouldn’t compare industries. Our motto should be to give best content made elsewhere in kannada language instead of asking our clan to learn those languages.
how long shall we watch the remakes of Tamil/Telugu movies ?
how long will be bear the torture of watching movies made by half baked directors?
how long will be using English for improving our knowledge (scientific, technology etc ) ?
Lot of ppl are asking today’s youth to stop watching dubbed content coz its affecting kannada artists. .
Since the advent of Internet in India, all our postmen are losing jobs and prominence.. 
By using cars.. our jataka stands got eliminated.. 
By introducing cinema, our drama/touring talkies folks lost their jobs.. since cinema was introduced, imagine Master Hiranaiyiah doing fast until death since his company would go down in lane. Or if they collectively decided to ban cinema since it destroys language, culture etc..
where was the care and concern for these folks when we moving up the value chain?
Also, the argument of losing jobs is flawed since we have lot of opportunities and there is no restriction of making good content. stating budget constraints and poor marketing fund is not a reason for movies failing, its more of fundamental Q. Our movies have stopped reflecting reality.
Today, underworld is not a big issue in bangalore or karnataka. yet, most of the movies revolve around these topics.
The rest of movies which are based on village topics.. In these movies ; none of mannerisms, dressing etc on screen reflect a average kannadiga, its a scene to scene copy of tamil or telugu flick.
When a section of audience press their demand for dubbing, most of them link this demand to difficulties faced by kannada schools, releasing non-Kannada movies in the land of Karnataka and what not.. One cant force all content in one demand and make it look stupid, unreasonable or exorbitant …. if they do, it will be similar to the demands made by Verappan while he held Rajkumar as hostage ..
As a starter, lets work on this dubbing aspect before jumping the gun on higher education, medium of instruction etc. I am sure that even an illiterate can benefit if we revoke the ban on dubbing.
Today, TV viewers in Kannada channels are only entitled to superstition/astrology, petty quarrels blown out of proportion, glorification of crime, atte – sose jagala and some daily soaps!
So, looking at content produced in so called Kannada tele industry ; one cannot increase his/her knowledge on various topics and we are doomed to die in ignorance if we just know Kannada!
When we ask for various content to be dubbed, it means that we need to introduce our folks to such varied range of topics, ensure that range of knowledge increases.
We are not bothered if producer from Munireddy palya or from Michigan makes profit . If one has content and zeal to take risk, be the fore runner.. else , just watch the content made by someone else.
Asking me to wait till someone in Kollegala gets this idea, produces this show and watch only that show over the one made in Cologne, is sheer bullying.
Today, we are building a system where Kannada means ignorance, only imaginary, poetic and cannot be used in day to day affairs (going forward)
Instead of pointing fingers and mixing issues, try to look through the eyes of commoner in chitradurga or shimago.. we are forcing him/her to look elsewhere if they need to update, stay current and improve their knowledge.
the WE , who are resistant to change, imposed invisible barriers and then blame the entire fraternity for their aggression.. we cannot live in isolation any longer!!
Since I am writing this post, I or my profession would be the next target. Stop blaming the techies or any profession, look at the issue brought up! Techies are not immune and cold, we are also subjected to same pain as felt by any other kannadiga! just bcoz we work in AC office and speak in English with our clients doesnt take our feelings away and love for the language wont reduce..
None of the anti dubbing folks have concrete answers for Q raised by pro dubbing folks.
Do they have scientifically researched data to prove that dubbing brings change in culture and language?
Has dubbing destroyed the social fabric in European countries or southern states?
Has dubbing made thousands/lakhs of people jobless in other cinema industry?
We need to change this system and someone needs to start it.. if you cant start it, atleast support the folks who are working towards it. Dont be one more leg puller in the crowd!!
Why are “WE” unfit to change?
why are “WE” like heddar pukal’s fearing about the worst all the time?
Why have “WE” stopped working towards making Kannada as the functional language
When shall “WE” be ready to start proclaiming that we dont need other languages for entrainment, science, information etc since our language is capable of translating it and we are fine with it?
Lets start with mass media and follow the same footsteps in other fields too! we can get back the glory and restore faith on Kannada..
Finally, the q is
“What is pro Kannada?”
1> Watching Telugu film in Telugu, Watching Tamil film in Tamil, Watching Hindi film in Hindi, Watching English film in English.
2> Watching everything in Kannada.
These people have forced us to watch content in non kannada language when we can dub them.. arent we entitled to various other forms of entrainment in kannada apart from whats available now..
Dubbing will take the value chain forward and not a step backward! the language will be heard everywhere and kannadigas will get all content in kannada. we can stop running behind other languages and stick to our language!


Girish Kargadde said...

Good One Harsha!

suji said...

very nice...tumbaa channagi artha aaguva haage bardideera

Operation Crazyhouse said...

Will share it on my wall :)

raj said...

excellent analysis.. couldn't agree more. The point is made very clear.

Rakesh Mp said...

NO need of dubbing,
Bollywood also making efforts to stop Hollywood cinemas dubbing into Hindi.
not only Kannada film industry even Bengali film industry also restricted dubbing inspired from us.....

B'town wants a ban on Hindi dubbing of English movies

A few weeks ago, when a section of Pakistan's film industry had raised concerns over Hindi films eroding their market share, director-producer Mahesh Bhatt was among those who'd empathized with them.

But now we hear that something similar may be brewing closer home - buzz is that certain industry bigwigs are lobbying to convince the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting to ban the dubbing of English films into local languages.
Speaking to DT, Bhatt said, "There are similar apprehensions in Bollywood and everyone is planning to come together and fight this practice of Hollywood films being dubbed in Hindi or Tamil. We cannot allow them to have a right over our mother tongue and use it to their advantage just because they have the budget. Hollywood studios have big budgets for promotions and we can never match that. Hindi film producers are now planning to come together against this. Letters have been written to the I&B ministry secretary in the past also, and I can say with full certainty that something similar is on the cards now. We face similar issues in other states at times. For instance, I cannot get my movie dubbed in Bengali."
In fact, in south India, English movies can only be dubbed in Tamil and Telugu and no other language, says Ravi Kottarakara of the South Indian Film Chamber of Commerce, adding, "As far as the association is concerned, I cannot say anything. But on a personal level, I can say that we do face a loss of revenue when an English movie is dubbed in a regional language and released. If such a step is taken by Hindi film producers, we'll certainly support it, as I'm sure will other producers in south India. It's just like the self-imposed code of conduct we have in place for the Kannada industry. It's a very fragile industry and no movie is dubbed in Kannada, to prevent competition for local cinema."

While the industry may seem to be uniting against English releases, they will certainly face stiff resistance from the cinema owners' lobby. Deepak Sharma of PVR Cinemas says, "This is not a practical move. If they do something like this, then international studios will also react. Also, I don't agree that English movies dubbed in regional languages result in a loss of revenue. We have released 30 English films so far and only one has been dubbed in all three languages - Hindi, Tamil and Telugu. There are other factors too. When there is no Hindi content in cinemas, it's usually English films or English films dubbed in Hindi that get patrons to cinemas. So the cinema lobby will never agree to this."

In other states

- Karnataka does not allow screening of dubbed films
- In Andhra Pradesh, says Suresh Babu, president of the AP Film Chamber of Commerce, "there are serious concerns regarding Hollywood films eating into the market of Hindi and vernacular movies. The general consensus is, let Hollywood release their films in India in English with subtitles for various local markets. If Bollywood takes a call on restricting dubbed Hollywood films, we will stand by them. The other problem we face is an onslaught of dubbed films from other Indian languages as well. Such is the buzz around the dubbed version of "RA.One" that not a single Telugu film is releasing this Diwali. We'd request stars like SRK or Rajini to release their films in the original languages."
- In April this year, some members of the Bengali TV industry put their work on hold for a day to protest the airing of Bengali-dubbed Hindi serials on a local channel. As for movies, Arijit Dutta, vice president, Eastern India Motion Pictures Association, says, "There is no
official ban on dubbing Hollywood, Bollywood and Mollywood movies into Bengali. But EIMPA restricts such efforts."