Monday, November 11, 2013

What should be next focus area for Karnataka CM

There has been lot of controversy and discussion regarding the draft of the Anti-superstition bill which is slated to be tabled in the next Assembly session.
The Chief Minister of Karnataka should focus his interests and time on various social, economic issues plaguing the state of Karnataka. When the people of the state are developed economically, then their dependancy on quacks for medical care, praying to Plaguamma, Maramma etc kind of gods for curing ailments and other superstitions will come down on its own.

The focus for next 4 years should be :
1. Development of rural infrastructure and bridge rural-urban divide.
2. We had a good monsoon, please work on providing good 3 phase power supply till next monsoon to all people of the State irrespective of the location.
3. Nearly 60 per cent of diseases afflicting the rural population is waterborne; please revive the lakes, improve/recharge ground water table and provide clean potable water to residents of the State.
4. Political stability, a transparent governance and appointment of Lokayuktaare going to win the confidence of the people who are frustrated with the previous government.
5. Revive the traditional industries, develop 2 tier cities, decongest Bengaluru by developing new info-cities in other parts of Karnataka. Implement the Sarojini Mahisi report recommendation and ensure the people of the state get their due.
6. End all controversy surrounding the medium of education and make Kannada as compulsory first language upto 7th standard for all students irrespective of the board.
Those are the area's in which the new government should lead its energies and efforts instead of spending too much time on discussion of what superstitious and radical in today's context.

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