Thursday, March 6, 2014

Elections around the corner

how does Kashmir issue affect the Mandya MP elections? 
How does Assam border issue affect the Kanakapura constituency? 
Before you jump up on me and start labellling me with names, please read the below text completely and with open mind. 

When voting for MP elections, MP are expected to represent the constituency first, then the state and protect its interests ; national interests are taken care by the foreign policy and external affairs minister. MP's dont have a complete decision making authority for the Indo China border issue or deciding on J&K affairs.
Usually the party takes a stand , passes a bill and then issues a WHIP where your constituency MP has to just and press Yes/No to that motion according to the whip.
Check out the foreign policy and defence strategy of a party to get a generic direction but it shouldn't entirely influence your choice of MP representing your area since there are other factors to consider.

How does your MP get funds for your constituency from central schemes?
How does MP protect the state interests w.r.t water, land and other area's?
How would MP force Central agencies like Railways, Postal services to provide better services in your area?
How much funds out of MP LAD scheme have been utilized in last 5 years and on which sector has this been spent on?
Is your MP attending the sessions and asking relevant queries?

So, while voting for MP elections ; its equally important to think about the fate and future of your area and dont get completely swayed by the speech of Indo Asin China war or Pak terrorism. Its a issue, no doubt ; but it should not entirely influence the decision. Look at other aspects like economic policy, diversity, social schemes, development agenda etc.
While choosing the MP, give candidate and party equal weight age.
It's of no use in having a MP like Ambarish who would drop resignation at the drop of hat or having a MP like Ananth kumar who would go to parliament and ask Q about J&K affairs?
Whats the use in having so many railway ministers from Karnataka when we are still lagging in rail network?

We need MP's who can work for the constituency and dont show stars to us , telling that we are working on some defence or foreign policy issues ; so you wait and watch the drama!

Anyway, after making the decision. Now, comes the task of voting. 
I have noticed a trend. Most of these people who crib about traffic and infrastructure problems dont even have a voters ID registered in Bengaluru. 
oooh, wait! Even the local people are lazy to get a voter ID card and think new UID card or passport would do the magic  
Sorry, go get a election ID card now. Might help for next time! 
The ones who have election ID card , dont bother to check their names in the list when EC releases it.
Finally, if the names are there and eligible to vote ; they would say ' my vote wont change the fate of the country, why bother"
I feel like giving one tight slap to those set of people who dont vote, when they start giving lectures on urban issues!
We should have a mandatory voting system something like one in Auzzie land.
Wonder why , electoral reforms talk only about changing the first past the post system, expenditure reporting etc. where as some parties believe in spreading rumors about rigging of EVM's etc.
No one ever talks about this angle of mandatory voting! 

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