Thursday, March 20, 2014

Why is it so hard to notice a Kannadiga?

Do U feel that
Kannada in Bengaluru ;
Kannada movies in Bengaluru ;
Kannadiga seeing Kannada movies and feeling proud about it ;
Kannadiga reading Kannada content (literature, newspaper etc) ;
Kannada flavor, cuisine , dress etc are so hard to find and recognize.

Why is it so hard to find a Kannadiga?

Here are some things which would leave you baffled.

Notice some of the images below. 

Now, can you think of an image which would represent the Karnataka? 
If you want to showcase Kannadiga attire to the world, what would you choose? 

Lets check, whats the problem with the Kannadiga. 

1. We never celebrate the common things amongst us, we like to find differences and become exclusive.

Oh, navu Bengaluru avaru! namage Uttara Kannada mandi sari hogola.. 
HOye! Navu Mangaluru kade avaru ; ee ghatta pradesha janarige jotige namage sari barolla. 
Right from the dress, attire, food or style of speaking Kannada; we always take pride in saying we are from X region and we are not like the other Y region of Karnataka. 

We have Udupi restaurant, Karavali restaurant, Uttara Kannada Khanavali or plain old Bengaluru Darshini. We never call ourselves as
 XYZ Restaurant serving Kannada/Karnataka style food.

Boards like these have disappeared and we have only English boards with names to suit the minds of outsiders for our dishes like Dosa, Vada, Upma, Thali etc. 

Even when it comes to speaking Kannada, we always take pride that X region speaks the perfect Kannada and a person from another region has got the corrupted form of Kannada. 

2. We are lazy or we crave for the best; therefore don't like to make a start on shaky ground. 

  We are lazy to take any initiative on our own and would always like to work under someone. No wonder our markets are mostly filled with traders from Marwari community and the local population is just confined to selling matchbox or 1/2 cup tea in some corner with no great business. 
The successful entrepreneurs who know Kannada or have Kannada as their mother tongue suffer from inferiority complexion and never call themselves as Kannadigas. The percentage of successful Kannadigas are also low in number and therefore ; I can come to general conclusion that most of Kannadigas are lazy (including me) 
When was the last time you had a craze to start something on your own? 
How many times have you been discouraged by your own kith and kin ; when you would like to take a different path in career or other area?
The underlying reason is the inherent fear or laziness ; or a combination of both which has been built into our genes. We were land of plenty under the Mysuru Maharaja and we never had to look beyond the borders of the state for livelihood. 
This made us complacent to try out waters in foreign shores or even inside India. 

3. We are hardly noticeable in any office, be it private, government , NGO or so on. 

WE lack the herd mentality and every person think that he/she is unique individual. 
Therefore, its hard to find a group of Kannadiga's chit chatting in office canteen or hanging out together. 
Even the ones going around in some nook or corner would be some group of employees in the same band , level in the office and would never see a mixture of experience, talent coming together. 
Walk into any new office, you might find it hard to recognize a Kannada PM, VP or so on. Our names are not unique, our day to day dressing is not unique and we never send out signals that we are a Kannadiga. 

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