Thursday, June 5, 2014

Choose any language Mr. Modi , but give the same freedom to us also !

According to the latest news report; during the post swearing ceremony meetings ; Modi communicated in Hindi with foreign dignitaries.
This is seen as new trend setting and as positive message in social media. Some of the media reports has even misquoted Hindi as national language whereas we don't have any such mention in our constitution.  

While Modi is free to talk in whatever language he wishes to, at the same time his government should ensure that Hindi imposition on Non-Hindi states stops.
All languages in this country should be treated as equal and state government should get the freedom to decide in what language they want to interact with central government instead of limiting option to just two languages.

Right now, the Official Languages Act needs to be revisited and ensure that all 22 scheduled languages become the official languages of the Indian Union. 
This would be good measure since unnecessary focus on Hindi is threatening the linguistic diversity and creating barriers for non-Hindi states in terms of employment, mobility etc.

On a side note, this move has left the Srilankan PM furious.Srilankan PM doesnt even know that there is a language by name Hindi ;-) 
He says  " I will have to learn Hindu because he does not know English" Report @

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