Monday, June 30, 2014

Paper or email tigers cant protect territories

There was a email chain going rounds that some kid in a school was stripped of the vice captain post as punishment since he/she used Kannada in school.
As a starter, this measure is unacceptable and the blanket ban on speaking in non-English languages is retrograde.
But, we are so much used to knee jerk reaction and dont tend to think beyond some horizon !
We are bunch of lazy buggers who raise a voice only when someone holds us against the wall. But, this method wont work for long !!

There has been lot of discussions centering around

Where do your kids study?

What medium did you study since you dont speak good English etc.

Looking at these line of talks, I am sure most of us would like their kids to study in English medium and atleast have Kannada as first language but don’t completely believe the quality of schools in and around Bangalore.

The need to create a parallel top-notch Kannada medium schools is the need of the hour to counter the claims of the govt which says that demand for Kannada medium schools is on decline.

But, we cant start off with a Kannada medium since the economy is dependent on English language skills. The ideal welfare state would be to create a economy based on Kannada language but it would take time.

Since the present govt. policy is favorable to opening of new Kannada medium schools, we should start with building pre-schools and then slowly start providing other forms of education.
5 years down the lane, if this group of Kannadigas can provide the backbone support to roll out curriculum and twist the education sector to make the learning relevant and scientific in nature.

Instead of paying hefty donations to schools, we can pool this money and get our own school.. 
So, why cant 10-15 of us pool in say 1 lakh each and build a own school where we can control the quality of education.
In future, atleast 10-15 parents reading this blog are going to  pay 1 to 2 lakhs donation, 2000 rs monthly fees and incur lot more expenses on education. If these parents come together and start off with their own school ; they can create better citizens.

We would be sure about the quality of teachers and we can also spread the message of Kannada jagurthi right from childhood to these kids. It would be place where no kid is fined for speaking in Kannada, no kid is seen down for not knowing English etc..

I checked out the website and found that we need 5 lakhs worth of assets or 5 lakh deposit with the govt. is needed to start off.
Why cant we work towards opening Kannada education school in Bangalore and burst the myth among parents too?
Application details @
This shows that schooling standards is the problem.. be it govt or private.. so, govt should work on that aspect instead of opening or closing schools..

Start with pre-segment school where eminent educationalist with Kannada cause will determine the pre-school segment syllabus. Since this sector is not controlled by govt. with a iron hand ; we have a free hand in determination of syllabus.

Why should we start with this sector?

This would help in gaining foot hold and also easier to convince parents of our education model. Education model : L1(Kannada), L2(English) educational model with supplementary L3(Hindi) to fill statutory requirements. This model is popular in African countries

In our educational model, students are taught in Kannada then slowly introduced to English. The students would have transition worked out in order to reduce the sudden change from Kannada medium to English one.

yochane maadi ! all that it takes is 10-15 parents to come together and form a group to start off in education sector. 
Either we can do that 
Succumb to that education lobby teaching English to our kids and glorifying rote education ! 


Swaroop Kumar said...

olle youchane. Prayathna madona eginindhale. Nanna magalu innu 6 thingalinavalu. adare naanu nanna dhenige needaballe. minche kaluhisi.

Vanaraj Jayanna said...

brilliant idea Harsha... I would like to be part of the initiative, here is my email id

praveen pl said...

5912Good write up buddy....
The idea seems to be good...
but needs proper steps to implement ....