Thursday, September 4, 2014

Kannada beka

Kannada beka?

This post is NOT a sequel to the popular "Kannada Barutha?" forward. This is more related to other side of the spectrum. I do know that language needs to be spoken, written, read and used in all spheres of life. 

On the other side of the spectrum is the usage , utility and presence in day to day life. We can call computer as ganaka yantra or IT as mahiti tantra gyana but to make our presence felt even more stronger we use symbols, actions reflect the culture, language and customs of this place. 

One such way of celebrating the culture is via dressing or in plain terms, dress. Dress brings out the unique features and cultural aspects of a place. 

There are enough shopping malls selling garments which are stitched in the bylanes of Peenya, Bommanahalli and sell them under the fancy brand names. Some of the garments of these tongue twisting name brands are produced right behind our backyards by our own people who toil to create a beautiful dress so that we can look good. 

So, when we are falling behind to wear a foreign brand on our skins ; why cant we create our brand. A brand grown and bred in Bengaluru and which reflects the sentiments of this place. 

This idea gave birth and Kool Sisya was born. 

A platform to promote Kannada and Karnataka and inspire a Kannadiga's life through creativity and design. Embedded in the culture of the Samanya Kannadiga's is a passion for Kannada centric designed tees, detailed illustration and a strong appreciation for all things creative around the beautiful place of Karnataka.

Every purchase is an action to improve Kannada and its surroundings issues. 10% of profits from the sales would be used for developmental activities and yes, we would do it in action.
The funds coming from the proceeds are used for maintenance of - Kannada Meme generator - Our very own tinyurl alternative . 

I am looking forward to meeting more and more Kannada entrepreneurs and networking with them. As you might already know, startup is the flavor of the season. ;-) Each one has a idea but no time to execute. 
On a serious note, I believe that modernization is the mantra and if Kannada runs in our blood ; it has flow out in sweat too! We cant restrict the usage of language to poetic prose or just plain conversations. It should become a bread earner and people would feel more indebted to it. 

Forwarding/sharing this post wont give me or you, a $1 per forward; but it would certainly help to connect minds which are looking for outlet to work on creating something new in Kannada space. 
Mail me on ; I dont know if my email would reach your inbox or get edited ;-) 

On a ending note, repeating again ! 

"If Kannada runs in our blood, it has flow out in sweat too"

Kool Sisya
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