Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Creating cultural identity

We want to make our culture proud and introduce to the world. But, we tend to miss out some simple things which would make it possible.

Search for term "Bengaluru street food" or "Bangalore street food" in Youtube and its hard to find video's which depict actual Bengaluru food scene.
Similarly, search for "Mysore street food" Shashank Soghal Mysuru Paaka shows up in 6th or 7th in the list. Thanks for English sub titles, one can get a glimpse of the street food scene.

Now, compare this with the video on street food in Mumbai, Delhi or Chennai. There are lots of chefs, travel shows based on that.

How were they able to get that?
It was the research team of these programs which would have suggested the programming heads to include these cities in their program. Research team would pick up data based on trends seen in the social media and buzzing news around.
If Mysuru can make it to the top 10 destinations to visit in year 2014, then travel and living show would like to showcase the food, culture and local customs as part of their program schedule.
At that time, they would keep the social media to pick up the trends and easily available information.

So, my request for all upcoming movie makers relying on social media. Apart from churning out loads of short movies on love, love failure and next experimental short movie ; please create video which can showcase food, culture and day to day life. English sub titles or English show would be an added advantage.
This would create parallel jobs and work related to visual communication/media in coming days. One can see , chefs/travel show visiting Benglauru to taste dosey, paddu, churmuri, nippat masale, masale soda etc.
One can see jobs like Chef consultant, Culture Expert, Cultural anthropology,Event coordinator, Travel Guide etc being created related to Kannada and Karnataka.
Since early bird always have a advantage ; one can see these small video rolling out as jobs or new avenues of income in coming days..
I think, these are the simple things which would make a lot of difference. Please give it a thought. Keep tagging people and sharing this post to people who can make this happen.

As a foot note, can I request organizing team in various companies which are conducting Kannada Rajyostava in offices or in their area to include such kind of events apart from regular kavana, rasa prashne event. This would help in creating knowledge bank on culture, food and day to day life.

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