Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Frustrated of IT job and thinking wat next?

Udyamashilate madodu risky athava tappu antha nambike iddare ee articles omme odi.. 

If you are feeling that you are struck in IT job and not finding the work interesting anymore, big daddy is watching you. TCS has started layoffs and it has named this exercise as restructuring. Read the articles before reading my comments below them for better understanding of the problem. 

Companies are targeting employees who are having 20 yr+ experience and checking if they are really valuable to the company. Once market leader like TCS does such exercise, others will follow suit.  ee thara next segment would be 10-20 yr experience.

Services model is no longer lucrative with 10+yr old folks. Companies are looking to cut corners and get work done from professionals who cost less than Rs. 10 lakhs per annum

There is lack of demand, so its the best time to understand the consumer sentiment and see what ticking the economy in a dull period. 
Check out the sectors which are growing even during such lean period. 

You can see that VC fund or investments are having major growth

There wont be major hiring or any new project coming up until the Government makes big reforms. So, dont think that 2015 would be a bright year since companies are waiting for 2015 budget and then would start planning based on outcomes.

“Our family has sold a minor part of our stake to continue various activities, including our efforts to encourage entrepreneurship and our personal philanthropic efforts,” Murthy said in a statement. “These are activities I expect to be busy with during the next phase of my life. Even after this sale, our family continues to be the largest shareholder among retail shareholders.”

So, most of the business are now looking forward to the next spark. So, if you have it in you, dont keep it under the wraps. Its time to take it out :) 

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