Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Remove those scumbags from IT industry

In 90's era ; Indian IT industry came up bcoz of hard working engineers who sat day , night ; understood age old code ; solved problems, provided bug fixes !

In 00's decade ; the dirty corporate structure always wanted to extract more and more from the talented pool and appointed half baked, unworthy people who can talk , talk and talk as managers since they were always believed in NETworking than working.

In 10's decade, these people have grown to become VP's, Directors and are treating the engineer/architect's as mere slaves ; bringing back the policy raj ; approval based incentives etc.
I wonder,

Why should we have a manager to approve leave?
--> Wont a employee know that if he/she takes leave and comes back tomorrow ; his/her work wont vanish. Instead, he would have to take care of previous day work and present one too.
Why do we need a line manager, project manager, assignment manager and so on?
-->Line manager wont add any value to the team apart from approving leaves, doing once in a quarter/half year/yearly appraisals.
Project manager thinks that he/she would only read emails, forward emails and send emails. Microsoft excel, word, project etc are the lifelines and there is nothing more than that.
They dont want India and its bureaucracy to have stringent policies, policy raj, inspector raj.

Helllo.. whats is that you are doing inside your own company?
--To order a pencil/pen/notebook, raise a request.
--To use a laptop over a desktop, get approvals from 3 levels above your manager.
--To take a leave more than 2 days, literally beg for it and complete work for next 2 months before you go on 2 day leave.
--Literally jump out of seat, when one asks for 2 week vacation be it marriage, function or just getting back to groove/un winding

Indian IT , be it TCS, Infy or Wipro is dying a slow death not due to the dearth of ideas, innovation or lack of talent. Its becoming too bulky to sustain under its own weight. TCS has done a good start by removing all those fat managers who didnt add value and sat behind screens updating excel sheets.

I wonder every other company starts this exercise and remove those scum bags sitting in our cubicles and taking the fun out of office in name of policies.

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