Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Dont keep blaming everything around you , look at yourself first

Lets start with some introspection 

There are lot of social media unrest over Salman Khan, Jayalalitha, R Raju and so many other cases. The social media netizens are questioning the sanity and correctness of the judicial system.

Before you starting blaming the judiciary, blame yourself.

We are the people who have stopped following basic rules,
We need policing for everything, right from following lane to paying taxes on time,
We love finding short cuts before starting any work,
We love jumping Q's , paying bribes to get work done faster , bending rules to suit our needs,
We want to become super rich, super smart ; hook or crook,
We want to show that we are powerful, well connected
We love to display wealth ; be it new architect designed flat or custom made car
We have stopped giving time for correcting flaws in system
We are the ones who laugh at activists , say they dont have any other better work in life
We are the one who think that anyone opposing the system is a prick, loser etc




When we see that system is so flawed and can let people at the top go scot free even after glaring evidence pointing at them; its the problem with us also.
How would a system get better laws, judges, officers, politicians, engineers and so on.

Its from the pool called "WE the people"

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