Tuesday, October 6, 2015

whats on your mind?

FB asked Whats on your mind?

Today morning, read about 2 disturbing incidents where women were harassed and both of them felt no use in giving complaint or believed that the system can give them justice.
16 yr old girl was sent back after counselling who later committed suicide and the other lady is still recovering from the shock !

One of my colleague comes to me and says he is stressed out from growing traffic day by day. His 6 yr old son said to him " Appa, lets shift to the village . I dont like this place, its so crowded . I feel happy when i am in the hometown and want to lead life with nature"

My colleagues in the bus discuss about when would Metro would open and if we can dream about travelling in Metro from our home to offices atleast in next 3 years.

One of my friend who is into recruitment says that recession is around the corner, therefore most of the companies are going slow on hiring. But, the government thinks otherwise and can effect a change. Unless, I see job postings in Wednesday paper ; I dont feel the effect of development

One more colleague is concerned about the rising property prices and there is no end to loop of loans into which a IT professional is sucked into ! loans for cars, homes, electrical appliances, mobile phones etc !

On top of this, everyone is asked to stay positive. write positive about brand India which has arrived !

Hope there is something to cheer about at the end of this journey..

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